Monday, June 13, 2011

Turn up the Heat

The lampooning has just begun! From newspaper titles to hilarious photos like these above, Lebron James has created a whole new element of hatred after yesterday's loss in the NBA Finals and will be ridiculed forever until he adds a ring to his resume.

Sidenote: The last photo reads:

Name: Lebron James Height: 6'8" Weight: 270
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black
Last seen in Dallas on June 9th, 2011. Was supposed to meet his teammates in 4th Quarter, but never showed up. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US AT THE CRYBABIES HOTLINE AT 1-800-HE-DONE-QUIT


  1. This is only the beginning of the Lebron bashing, I don't that this topic is going to get old at any table or bar any time soon. After all of the hype with the press conferences and making fun of reporters, we should all expect for this to continue. We'll be see repeats of Lebron disappearing with consecutive games where he put up single digits in the fourth quarter for 4 games. Someone needs to assist Bron in getting it through his head that if he's going to say he's a superstar he has to play like one.

  2. Lebron James's forth quarter disappearances are to blame. The way I see it his play has opened the door to ridicule. When your name is the king people expect a lot.