Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plaxico Burress package

Above is my third package done at my WABC Internship. Please feel free to critique my work. I would only ask for your honest review. Thank you!

P.S.  I want to send a special thanks again to the management and staff of WABC. I truly do understand why they are the best at what they do. Did I mention they are the number one station in the number one market?....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Truman Football Death (WABC Internship)

Above is my second package done at WABC. It's voice-over on the tragic death of a high-school football player who died hours after his graduation. Let me know what you think.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Felipe Lopez Foundation (WABC Internship)

Above is my latest on-air work at my current internship WABC. Thank you again to everyone that made this possible from Mr. JP to the photographer. This internship has been such a rewarding experience! In addition, don't forget to comment on my package. I know there is a lot of room for improvement, so I would only ask you for your honest critique.

Monday, July 11, 2011

#2 reaches milestone like a true Yankee

All he needed was two, but in classic pinstripe style, Derek Jeter went beyond expectations as he reached the 3,000-hit milestone this past Saturday at Yankees Stadium. Jeter may walked to the mound doing his regular routine against Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price, but during his post-game interview the future hall of famer admitted to how much pressure he felt was on him to reach 3K at his home stadium and before the all-star break.
Jeter started the game off with a single to left to put him one shy of the landmark and then came Mr. 3000….a 420 foot blast out of the park (his second longest homer ever). No. 2 has never been remembered by fans for hammering balls out of the stadium, but on this historic day in joining the fraternity of 3,000 he will be. The crowd was electrified and they had every reason to be as they commemorated the 1992 draft pick with earsplitting chants and honoring posters. It was a magical day for the Yankees' shortstop not only to reach the milestone, but to play nearly a perfect game going 5-for-5 for the afternoon in a 5-4 win over the Rays.
At the age of 37, Jeter becomes the fourth youngest to reach 3,000 hits and YES whether you believe or not…the first New York Yankee to! Not Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio or Mickey Mantle. Only Jeter. Arguably pro sports’ most storied franchise owes a lot of their success to this man.

Side note: Instead of selling the ball for a ridiculous amount, Christian Lopez returned Jeter’s 3K ball to him after the game. It was the right thing to do in Lopez’s eyes who told the press, “Mr. Jeter deserved it.” Lopez in return walked away with New York Yankees memorabilia and tickets worth around $70,000. So I pose this question to my readers: Would you have returned the ball? Suppose Jeter had a reputation similar to Barry Bonds, would you still?

The Big Aristotle working with Barkley?

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell's tweet over the weekend, Shaquille "Shaq Diesel" O'Neal has agreed to join TNT. If this news is true, the Inside the NBA show will be one of the most interesting post-game shows sports has to offer. Love him as a commentator or not, Charles Barkley is pretty funny to watch. Add Shaq's personality to the crew and we're going to be in for a world of comedy. And if you didn't know, both of the NBA veterans already have great chemistry with each other. The video below clearly depicts their love for one another.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Facial Fridays: Kemp doing what he does best

Since is going old school due to the lockout, I thought I should do the same with this week's edition of FF. There were many great dunkers in the history of the NBA, but maybe non scarier than Shawn Kemp. He didn't just dunk on people, but humuliated them. I think this video is a good illustration of it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Quick Hits

1. Four years after releasing Michael Vick for his involvement in dog-fighting, Nike has re-signed the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback to a sponsorship deal.

2. After 43 years, Wimbledon has chosen to leave NBC for ESPN.

3. Derek Jeter is currently 3 hits away from 3,000. In addition, HBO Sports and Major League Baseball Productions are teaming up to produce a special [Derek Jeter 3k] featuring the future hall of famer’s quest for the milestone. Yankees play Tampa Bay tonight.

4. The New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams is planning to play in Turkey if the NBA lockout isn’t settled.

5. The United States women's national soccer team team fell to Sweden yesterday, 2-1. They will face Brazil next in the quarterfinals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Organizations echoing 2004

Thanks giving and Christmas without sports is like Five Guys no longer selling burgers. The two are integrated in each other. Yin and Yang. Bonnie and Clyde. Batman and Robin.
As the days of both the NBA and NFL lockout keep advancing, fans may have to ask themselves a question that once would be looked at as preposterous: What would I do without of arguably two of the most popular sports in the world didn’t play? Here are some possible ways time may be utilized. Men would spend more time with their wives instead of being zoned into the screen on Sundays. Libraries would be flooded more and student's grade point averages would soar. More people would watch hockey...NOT and many Lebron James thrashers would be jobless because they would have nothing to write about.
In all serious, the biggest consequence of both these lockouts (more of a negative outcome on the NFL due to the NBA being more of an individual sport) is the hard work put in the off-season by athletes to host either the Vince Lombardi or Larry O'Brien trophy. The bonding, three-day practices, pranks, etc. in the summer is what unites an organization together to overcome adversity in the regular season and surpass all doubters. Though players have made sacrifices during the hardship by staying committed to summer regimes and linking up weekly with teammates and friends, this still isn’t equivalent to mini-camp. Regardless of what the lockout result is in both leagues, a lot of players will lose a step in their game.
Despite the NFL being much more seasoned in the lockout crisis than the NBA, both national organizations are in full effect for work stoppage. Check out and tell me if you notice anything different.
A basketball player taking a pay cut due to an owner's mismanagement of spending should never transpire. These lockouts perfectly illustrate that everything in life is a business; there are no feelings. Still mad that Lebron left Cleveland? Some owners only care about one thing: the C.R.E.A.M. (Cash rules everything around me)
Though unfathomable to swallow, both leagues are heading in the direction of the 2004-05 “ghost” NHL year. There still is a plethora of time for the NBA to settle their disputes, but time can fly. The NFL would know best, who are currently on their 111th day of the lockout.
Hopefully the rigorous slaving away at a deal can be made soon because no matter what people want to admit, our society puts sports on one of the highest pedestals. With that being said, with no season in two of our most adored sports will result in 360 change whether it be in television or news. No need to quote NBA veteran Allen Iverson anymore when talking about practice. "We're talking about the season, not a game or scrimmage. The SEASON."

Some athletes can only play one sport

I know that baseball may not be John Wall's cup of tea, but he has to be even more embarrassed after seeing this acrobatic first pitch (second video below) before a San Diego Padres game. As the video illustrates, Wall's pitch was far from a fastball and more like a bounce pass.