Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AFC/NFC Championship Game forecast

Thank God for the Divisional Round because the NFL Wildcard games were dreadful (outside of the Redskins-Seahawks contest of course). Wildcard weekend should never bare resemblance to a NHL lockout press conference. I know I can’t be the only one that felt like this, but let's shift our concentration to the second round of the NFL playoffs.
What didn’t this past weekend feature? A valiant comeback turned into heartbreak, an upset in Mile High due to an appalling secondary miscue, a breeze by in Foxboro to meet a familiar foe, and a groundbreaking performance (literally) by a young star in his playoff debut. Yeah, it’s a bit of an understatement to say I enjoyed the divisional playoff action.
And for the icing on the cake, my postseason predictions stand at 7-1 with both of my preseason Super Bowl picks alive— Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. My record would be much more impressive if I didn’t jump off the Ravens bandwagon (it was a tough decision, but I succumbed to “Golden boy” Peyton Manning’s indomitable season statistics and the Denver Broncos 11-game win streak), but I’m sure those that bleed purple will forgive me. And if you don’t forgive me, kick rocks barefoot I’ll remind you of 13th commandment stated by John Madden, “let he who is without mistake, cast the first football.”
But the past is the past, and I’m ready to move on to my picks for the championship games.

AFC Championship Game
Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots
My pick: Spygate Patriots 

Just when my Baltimore followers forgave me lol. Hear me out before you exit the site though. Despite me selecting the Ravens as a preseason favorite, I’ve always been apprehensive of Baltimore’s offense going all the way back to Trent Dilfer. The prowess to explode is always high, but the consistency is Casper (translation- ghost) as I would like to say. And the reason for my trepidation is Joe Flacco.
My best comparison for Flacco is a yo-yo. Great arm, but who knows what to expect on any given Sunday with him. He can throw for 300 yards and 3 TD’s and then combine for only four touchdowns total in the next four weeks. In addition, that bomb to Jacoby Jones should have never taken place. Putrid timing by the safety, but nonetheless, the Ravens were thrown a bone and took advantage of it. But next week’s road show is one that won’t be up for grabs. Ray Lewis and company will have to go into Foxboro and smack the Pats in the mouth.
Where the Patriots and Broncos differ is that Patriots have a litany of weapons. As I mentioned in my tweet this last weekend in regards to Shane Veeren’s standout performance, the Patriots are the best at drafting no-names and turning them into gems. The obvious reason for this of course is the unflappable Tom Brady. But because I’m feeling nice, I’ll let you all in on Brady’s kryptonite. Not really as esoteric as some may think, but here it is. Brady, similar to every other quarterback, doesn’t do well under pressure (told you it wasn't that classified). As I alluded to above, knock down Brady repeatedly and the rest will handle it self. There’s a reason why the Giants have his number on the big stage. Hit him hard and often is the anecdote for success for Baltimore. But because I don’t see this happening, I have chosen Brady to reach his sixth Super Bowl. So much for a rubber match.

NFC Championship Game
San Francisco 49ers vs Atlanta Falcons
My pick: 49ers

Just when you thought the monkey grew into a gorilla on Matt Ryan's back, Ryan motionlessly responded with two big throws in 31 seconds to earn his first playoff victory (La Heim!).  But all good things must come to an end; the Falcons train isn't destined for New Orleans. Russell Wilson torched the dirty birds for 445 total yards last week, and the Falcons welcome in another 400+ yard freak. He goes by the name of Colin Kaepernick and for young player, he plays with a lot panache. Just asked the Packers defense who was burned for 444 yards in his playoff debut.
The 49ers offense is just as explosive as the Falcons with one big difference: Kaepernick’s legs. I’ll hold off on calling him Michael Vick 2.0, but he did break the single-game playoff record for QB rushing yards with 181 yards (previously held by Vick). The scary thing is that Kaepernick doesn’t use his legs unless it’s a last resort. So not only will Asante Samuel have to tackle, but actually attempt to defend. Scary thought right? And I haven’t even mentioned who the young star has running routes for him and in his back field. Good luck with that task Atlanta.
In closing I pinpoint the Falcons offense who hasn’t really faced a stout defenses this entire year. They will Sunday. The 49ers-D is the reason I’ve been high on this team all year long. The verve and electricity they portray is exciting. San Francisco fell short last year due to some costly fumbles against the New York Giants and this weekend will be time to avenge that slip-up.


  1. hmmm good words if I may say so myself. The 49ers/falcons match up will be a high scoring affair, the O-line of the 49ers will not be depleted, giving Kapernick years to throw in the pocket. I predict that he'll have at least 4 THROWING touchdowns. The Falcons will score their points but in the end the 49ers will win by at least 2 touchdowns.

    Now over on the AFC as much as I would LOVE to see the Ravens win & as much as I would LOVE to see Ray Lewis end his career on the top of the mountain, GOD a.k.a Tom Brady wont let it happen. Im not predicting a blowout because you can NEVER count out that Ravens D but sadly the Patriots will win & with me being a JET fan that will hurt twice as much.....But hey, miracles do happen & Ray Lewis is praying man.

    What a great weekend to look forward to!

  2. Bold prediction for the young Kaepernick, but very feasible! I expect to see a vintage Moss play or two in this one.
    And It would be nice for Ray Lewis to get one more shot at hosting the Lombardi trophy, but it doesn't seem likely. The Patriots offense is too deep, and their run game is actually a threat this year.