Friday, January 27, 2012

Facial Fridays: Dwyane Wade

Did you ever wonder if Lebron James always knew he was going to end up in Miami?
Well, I think I found the moment that led the "King" to take his talents to South Beach.

Explorers six-game hot streak ends with pair of losses to Charlotte and Richmond

By Justin Walters
Collegian Editor

Just as Head Coach Jeff Williams vowed to at the beginning of his second season at La Salle, January would be when his squad would be ready to go. And their record this month has greatly demonstrated his every word.
During the winter break, the women’s basketball team compiled an impressive six game winning streak while staying undefeated in A-10 play. With notable victories over conference opponents such as Xavier and St. Louis, the Explorers took their talents on the road to Charlotte.
The Blue and Gold weren’t the only hot team at the time as the 49ers were currently cruising on a five game winning streak after snapping Xavier’s 29-game A-10 regular-season winning streak. With two of the three remaining unbeaten squads in Atlantic 10 playing head-to-head, it was sure to be an electrifying contest.
In the first half, it was clear as to why both teams were undefeated. The teams traded baskets back and forth in route to several lead changes.
La Salle was the first to gain a slight edge with a 26-19 lead after a connection from long range from sophomore Michea Bryant. Charlotte hastily retaliated with an 18-8 run of their own, pushing the score to 37-33, but the Explorers were able to squeeze two field goals in the last minute making the score even at the half.
In the second half, the script would favor the home team. After clinging to a 15-2 run, the Explorers would ultimately see the hopes of a seventh straight win fade away. Unable to regain the lead, La Salle would also record their first loss in conference play after their 77-66 defeat.
Despite the loss, freshman Jada Payne manufactured a game-best 18 points while junior Alexis Scott added 16.
Unfortunately for La Salle, their following road game would bear a resemblance to their previous one. In a matchup against Richmond, the Explorers stayed close throughout. Despite letting the Spiders use a 13-4 run to close the half, La Salle was well within reach of coming back.
Entering the second half, it was all Blue and Gold in the early beginnings. With the first nine points of the half to cut the deficit to one, La Salle appeared to be in a groove. After eventually recapturing the lead, the Explorers would be shackled by late minute miscues. The Spiders would eventually seal the deal after two free throws to hand La Salle their second straight conference loss.
In the 74-70 loss, Payne once again shined with her second straight career best with 24 points. After two straight astonishing performances, Jada Payne surely will be needed to have a third straight against their next adversary, No. 20-ranked St. Bonaventure.
“She [Payne] has the ability to make big plays,” Williams stated about the sensational first year player.
Even with the two recent loses to break their winning streak, the young and inexperienced Explorers have fared well against every opponent. Mind you that more than half of this unit has never played with each other. From the redshirt junior Brittany Wilson to freshman Ruvanna Campbell, the new faces under the helm of Williams are meshing well together.
Williams’ team already stands at 9-11 this year which is one win away from tying last year’s record during his premiere season at Tom Gola.
With less than 10 games left in the season, this team is bound for success if they keep up their recent flair. One game at a time will be the formula advocated by Williams as they will have their hands full on Saturday against St. Bonaventure.
St. Bonaventure, who stands at 18-2, just recently climbed up into the national rankings. La Salle understands that this is one of their most formidable opponents, who have already beaten several teams that got the best of them. Charlotte, Richmond, West Virginia and St. Johns to name a few.
Win or lose this upcoming weekend, one thing for sure is that Williams’ team is geared up to make noise in the A-10 this season.

Monday, January 23, 2012

SZG Sports History of the Day

On this day in sports history, O.J. Simpson became the first Heisman Trophy winner to be elected to pro football’s Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.
As much as he accomplished in college and professionally on the gridiron, it's a shame that O.J. joins a myriad of players whose sports career achievements are buried due to their off-the-field actions.
Before Tennessee Titans running back, Chris Johnson, joined the eminent club of 2,000 yards it was Simpson who became first player ever to pass the 2,000-yard mark.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to the GREATEST

From his braggadocios taunts to his lightning speed, Muhammad Ali has always entertained his audience every time he stepped foot in the ring. His style was invigorating and if you didn't think so, he would  tell you boastfully. It's pitiful that a sport that you used to be exalted above all others seems to be on the oppsoite side of the spectrum.  Maybe the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight can bring this sport back to adoration...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday failures

Probably the funniest thing about this video is the commentary from the broadcasters after Josh Blanchard falls in the gutter. "From bad to worse to miserable."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Motivation video

I came across this about a week ago and thought I should share it. There are many times that people deviate off the path to their dreams, so I hope this video can help serve as a catalyst to get you back on course.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Does winning conquer all

Still not an aficionado of Tim Tebow after Sunday’s upset against the Pittsburgh Steelers? It doesn’t matter who is because Mile-High city is at his cornerstone, and that is the only support Tebow is concerned with.
His mechanics are horrible. His footwork is atrocious. He runs too much; he can’t connect on the deep ball (the list is long, but I think you get the point). Quite frankly, Tebow has heard it all since he was introduced to the game of football. The negativity will continue to flow until he transforms into a ‘true’ quarterback. As for now, he knows he’s winner, and that is what he excels in.
Despite his resurging of the Denver Broncos, it’s lucid that winning doesn’t justify everything. 
Let’s take a look at Tebow’s statistics before entering overtime. With just 236 yards, a touchdown and nine completions, these numbers really don’t shout NFL quarterback. Furthermore, Willis McGahee had just about the same amount of carries as pass attempts by Tebow. The miraculous extra period conversion is just another polarizing highlight that can be used to validate Tebow’s climb to be a traditional quarterback. 

Is the game-winning 80-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas the only thing that took place during this wild-card win?
And, if you ask me Thomas should be given more credit than Tebow. Tebow threw a pass that was as simple as a five-yard in route. The degree of difficulty was maybe a 4 because of the magnitude of what was at stake. Other than that, let’s not take this pass out of proportion. Thomas’ stiff arm followed by outrunning Dick Laboe’s secondary was much more impressive.  
Completing 10 passes, nine if you don’t count overtime, is not acceptable as quarterback. Tebow’s success will continue to be shackled until he consistently engineers a game similar to Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.
Though I may not agree when anyone in an organization comes down on a player publically, John Elway is right. He knows Tebow won’t triumph for long because he played the position, and was pretty good at it if it earns any brownie points.
Elway’s message to the aspiring star is for him not to be complacent with getting victories in the win column because ultimately the little things will be exposed. The numbers evidently show that Tebow is still inaccurate and his efficiency rating is abysmal, but what it doesn’t show is his growth in the position.
Tebow is still a diamond in the rough, and will continue to mature as time moves on. One thing is that is undeniable is his value towards his unit. He is pivotal to his team, and though he may not be in Denver’s long-term vision, this alleged 13th disciple is the captain of their ship for now.

Wednesday Classics

Does this sensational catch bring back any memories for Giants' fans?