Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lockout Lemonade

Below is a blurb that I wrote a while ago for an up-and-coming magazine called Deep Coverage. The magazine's mission is to give readers a chance to get to know players off the turf and outside the locker room. Check out the beta version of their site:

NFL players and owners may be close to settling an agreement, but as of now, the lockout is still in full effect. In other words, NFL players are still UNEMPLOYED. Money is much tighter than it was a year ago. If you disagree, ask Detroit Lions Paul Pratt and New York Giants Steve Smith. As the video illustrates, both star athletes may be jobless, but they still have to find a way to eat and support their family. Selling lemonade is the new hustle. Despite the scorching heat, Smith and Pratt are showing they are willing to do whatever it takes to make that extra dollar or in this case 50 cents. With all the free time on their hands, more players are just finding new talents and hobbies to partake in and Lockout Lemonade is just another amusement.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

NABJ Stephen A. Smith Interview

Below is a video that I filmed for my friend Nick Creegan, the interviewer, during the 2011 National Association of Black Journalists Convention. Creegan is an aspiring sports talent like myself that will be entering his junior year at SUNY Albany. This young man is very ambitious and hopefully you'll see both of us on your monitors in the near future. You can check out more of his work at: or follow him on twitter: @Say_Eyes.
On another note, the video illustrates sports journalist Stephen A. Smith offering valuable insight about the communications industry and some of his personal stories throughout his journey in this field. As well accomplished as Mr. Smith is as a journalist, he once thought about making a career in banking... Check out the video to learn more.

P.S. Apologies for the shakiness on the video; I was using a hand-held camera to film.

Find out more about NABJ:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love it or Hate it of the Day: Primetime

It would only be right after his beautiful speech that I post some of Deion "Primetime" Sanders highlights. Chicago Bears' Devin Hester may hold the NFL record for returned touchdowns, but I don't think we'll ever see someone do it in Primetime fashion again.
So what do you think SZG followers...Will we ever see another Deion or do you think Hester is better?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Touching Hall of Fame speeches

Two great speeches from two gifted athletes that have contributed so much to this game of football. Really key in to the rhetoric used by both NFL veterans and how much they pay homage to those that paved for them to achieve. Congratulations again to all the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame inductees.

Steve Williams best win ever?

For those that don't know, Steve Williams was recently released as Tiger Wood's caddy last month. Whatever disputes the two may have, the media has been living off soundbites from both gentlemen which has caused this "beef". There's no problem with Woods firing Williams, that's his decision. There is a problem with William's interview overshadowing the accomplishments by his new partner, Adam Scott. Everyone is focused more on exploiting William's quotes rather than highlighting that Scott won the 2011 Bridgestone Invitational in dominant fashion. Congratulations again Scott and keep up the great work.
There's a time and place for everything and Williams knew that the media wanted to hear him say something headline worthy...and he fell right into their trap. That's why the golfers get interviewed instead of the caddies. The lead story in the PGA should be centered around Scott, not Williams. Tiger made you how much money?

NBA Lockout Timeline


Love it or Hate it of the Day

On this day in 2002, Barry Bonds joined Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron as the only players ever to hit 600 career home runs in the major leagues. The San Francisco Giants slugger entered the club at the age of 38. So my question to you SZG followers is, do you think Bonds should be inducted into the fraternity of America's pastime?